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What does concrete & a sponge have in common?

We all like to think of concrete as a solid substance, but in actuality it is a very porous material and is more like a very stiff sponge. The absorptive nature of concrete means that it absorbs liquids like water, calcium, salt, oil, etc. The impact of all this water absorption is even more damaging to your concrete when the regular freeze/thaw weather of Calgary occurs.

When water is absorbed into the concrete and it freezes the frozen water, now ice, takes up at least 9% more space than the water alone. When this ice forms it pushes on the inside of your concrete and can lead to cracks, spalling, and pitting.

Sealing your concrete protects it from damage, and it's one of the most beneficial things a homeowner can do to preserve their concrete. All types of concrete should be sealed. This includes broom finish concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, stamped concrete, and even block pavers. Basically if you have a driveway, a garage, or even a sidewalk the concrete should be sealed.

Contact the experts at Calgary Driveway Sealing to see how they can help protect your investment so that your concrete looks good and lasts for many, many years

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