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Help protect the concrete around my business and my home!

In our last blog post we discussed how concrete is actually a very stiff sponge and absorbs a lot of water, salt, and other chemicals. This is just as true for standard broom finish concrete as it is for exposed aggregate and stamped concrete.

Broom finish is the most common type of concrete in southern Alberta and is prevalent around many homes and businesses. When the freeze/thaw conditions hit most people, and most businesses, throw down ice melt/salt to help ensure the safety of those walking on the concrete. However, that salt combined with the freeze thaw conditions causes havoc on the internal structure of the concrete, and eventually it will damage the top layer of your concrete.

To help keep your concrete safe from the damaging effects of water and salt we can seal your standard broom finish concrete with a deep penetrating sealer. Unlike topical concrete sealers, penetrating concrete sealers fill the pores of concrete to create a denser, longer-lasting material. This type of concrete sealer forms a permanent chemical bond with the substrate, infusing with the material so that it will never wear away until the substrate itself wears away. In addition to extending the lifespan of your concrete surfaces, penetrating concrete sealers also increase stain resistance, shield from weathering and chemical damage, and strengthen surfaces over many years without any maintenance!

Here are 3 of the top reasons why you may want to use a penetrating concrete sealer:

  • Protection from water or chemical damage.

  • Concrete surfaces are often impacted by a wide range of damaging elements, especially outdoor areas that are exposed to rain, snow, freezing/thawing etc. Concrete is porous, which means that it can absorb water, moisture, or other chemicals (i.e. oil, grease, and cleaning agents) if it is not properly sealed. Over time, these agents can cause unwanted stains, cracking or spalling, and could eventually lead to complete deterioration of the substrate. A penetrating concrete sealer proactively reduces stains from chemicals, repels water, and strengthens the concrete from harsh weather in the future.

  • Increased durability.

    • A penetrating concrete sealer can help to increase the durability of concrete surfaces by making them more resistant to average wear and tear. Whether applied indoors or outdoors, this sealer can handle heavy foot traffic and reduces maintenance costs while extending the life of the concrete. Add on an acrylic topical coating to enhance the appearance of your concrete surfaces by evening out any spots of discoloration and providing an eye-catching matte or glossy finish.

  • Versatile applications.

  • In addition to smooth or broom-finished concrete surfaces, penetrating concrete sealers work well with many other materials such as stamped concrete, stucco, mortar, exposed aggregate, or stone & brick pavers. This means these sealers are great for a variety of projects and can be applied to exterior and interior surfaces.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help protect the concrete around your business and your home. Trust the experts and the top Google rated Concrete Sealing company in Calgary & southern Alberta.

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